The Synopsis.

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Okay, you’ve been waiting for this.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I can now finally reveal details about the story! 

For your reading pleasure, here it is:


Legends of the Future: The Coming Darkness (Working Title)

In a future where magical creatures co-exist with technology, not everyone is content to sit back and allow the world government to rule in peace. When the evil sorcerer, General Poten, discovers the hilt of a legendary sword, he resolves to find the lost city of Atlantis and re-forge the weapon – enabling him to use its power to control the ancient Army of Nyo Morult.

Raba Kane, head of a mysterious organization tasked with controlling the use of magic, believes that stopping Poten will require a powerful warrior. He knows just where to find such a hero… if only he can convince him to take up the mantle and give up a life of crime!


Any feedback is most welcome!


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