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What’s in a name?

The story has been without a name for a very long time, so it’s time to give it some form of title.  Something to which I can always refer when talking about it.

But how important is the title anyway?  Certainly not as important as the story content, that’s a given.  But if it’s catchy and easy to remember, it’s more likely to stick in the memory.  Perhaps, if the title inspires you, you will be more likely to read the story itself.

But I’m not yet ready to name this particular book.  It’s the first of five, and they have to fit into a cohesive whole.

What I will do, is give the series a working title.  A name for the saga!  It may stick. Ultimately, it may change.  But for now, the series is to be known as…

Legends of the Future.


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You found me.

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Hello and welcome to “The Story So Far”…

This is your gateway to an adventure far beyond the normal realm of fantasy and science fiction.

I am writing a series of novels that blur the lines between all the known genres.  Join me as I post updates and pose questions about the continuing story.  Naturally, now and then I will also post short segments from the current work for your critique and enjoyment.

Your input is most valuable and I appreciate all of the time that you will spend in helping me to hone this epic adventure of a lifetime.

To be continued…

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