The Synopsis.

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Okay, you’ve been waiting for this.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I can now finally reveal details about the story! 

For your reading pleasure, here it is:


Legends of the Future: The Coming Darkness (Working Title)

In a future where magical creatures co-exist with technology, not everyone is content to sit back and allow the world government to rule in peace. When the evil sorcerer, General Poten, discovers the hilt of a legendary sword, he resolves to find the lost city of Atlantis and re-forge the weapon – enabling him to use its power to control the ancient Army of Nyo Morult.

Raba Kane, head of a mysterious organization tasked with controlling the use of magic, believes that stopping Poten will require a powerful warrior. He knows just where to find such a hero… if only he can convince him to take up the mantle and give up a life of crime!


Any feedback is most welcome!


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Get With the Program

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I just finished importing my story into a program called yWriter.

It was hard work, because the program asks you to re-organize the whole text into a more divisive format.  It’s taken me about a month to complete the transition.  However, now that it is finally complete, it will be much, much easier for me to add things and change elements around to come up with the perfect story.  I don’t have to settle for less, just because it would be too much effort to make changes!

You can now read my story in a number of different ways.  For example, you can quickly skim the chapter names to get some idea of what it’s all about.  Then, you can click on each chapter name for a quick description of that chapter.  Within each chapter (and on the same screen), you can see the different scenes in that chapter.  Skimming the scene headings provides a deeper understanding of the story, without you being forced to read the actual text.  It’s based on the Snowflake Method of writing.  Fun, huh?

I know it’s strange to be reading about my story design without knowing what it’s all about, but don’t worry, you’ll know more very soon.  But, if you’re interested in writing your own story, you would do well to try the software for yourself before you start typing.  You can import things later, but it took me a long time to do it that way.  yWriter is completely free, and it will even help you to start your story and build it from the ground up in an organized, efficient manner.  It’s just… useful.

I am not affiliated with the maker of yWriter in any shape or form, but I can’t praise it highly enough – especially as it is completely free!  if you want to check it out, just click the link embedded in its name.

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Book Title

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What’s in a name?

The story has been without a name for a very long time, so it’s time to give it some form of title.  Something to which I can always refer when talking about it.

But how important is the title anyway?  Certainly not as important as the story content, that’s a given.  But if it’s catchy and easy to remember, it’s more likely to stick in the memory.  Perhaps, if the title inspires you, you will be more likely to read the story itself.

But I’m not yet ready to name this particular book.  It’s the first of five, and they have to fit into a cohesive whole.

What I will do, is give the series a working title.  A name for the saga!  It may stick. Ultimately, it may change.  But for now, the series is to be known as…

Legends of the Future.

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It’s coming…

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The story is moving along at pace, so I will have all sorts of things to tell you about in the coming months.

Next, I’ll post what I think are the best ten rules for writing a story.  I would be very interested to hear what you think about them.

Coming up, I also have concept designs of the main saga characters.  They are drawn by a fantastic new artist who, I think, is going to be famous.  You’re going to love his work.

Remember, we live our lives in a mirror.

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You found me.

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Hello and welcome to “The Story So Far”…

This is your gateway to an adventure far beyond the normal realm of fantasy and science fiction.

I am writing a series of novels that blur the lines between all the known genres.  Join me as I post updates and pose questions about the continuing story.  Naturally, now and then I will also post short segments from the current work for your critique and enjoyment.

Your input is most valuable and I appreciate all of the time that you will spend in helping me to hone this epic adventure of a lifetime.

To be continued…

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